Beautiful and well styled Apartment A6 is placed in two upper stairs of the house. High qualities, design classics together with individual interior decoration gives a personal look to these premises.

In the living room there is an appealing sitting area and a fireplace that gives cosyness. Enjoy this very bright and high open space and relax.


Bedroom, open lounge, sauna, toilet and balcony.


2 bedrooms, living room with kitchen, bathroom and balcony.



This apartment is a combination of cozy and contemporary warmth. Little things bring happiness, enjoy and relax!


Own balcony

Bedroom has a balcony. Wake up in the morning, open the doors and take in fresh air. Check the weather and decide what are days activities.


Sweet dreams

Both Snowangel apartment is individual. Find which one is best for you and fellowship. Apartments are also situated near to each other.